Reggie Fields

Advisory Board Chair, OCALI

As chairman of OCALI’s Advisory Board, it is my honor to welcome you to OCALICONLINE 2021! It is truly a special week as we celebrate year fifteen of this remarkable, awe-inspiring event where seeds of inspiration sprout into life-changing moments for individuals and families alike.

As I look back over the years, I am truly amazed by the dedicated spirit and wealth of ideas that emerge from people throughout our great state and across our country with a common goal in mind – to help people with autism and other disabilities live their best, most fulfilling, and happy lives. You play an essential role in this collective effort and I cannot wait to learn what new possibilities await.

Thank you again for being here. We’re so grateful for our time together and for this special opportunity to share our successes, discuss our challenges, and celebrate our achievements. Our efforts are more powerful and far reaching when we come together and work together, and we can’t thank you enough for your time and contributions.

I also want to thank Dr. Tom Goodney and the Educational Service Center of Central Ohio for their ongoing leadership and support of OCALI’s services and offerings, including this wonderful conference. Their partnership is vital to our success and we look forward to continued collaboration with Dr. Goodney and his team.

Finally, I want to acknowledge and thank our extended family of partners whose mission and work-ethic align with OCALI’s own to help make this conference more sought-after each year. Please visit the OCALICONLINE website to learn more about our partners and presenters.

Again, welcome to OCALICONLINE 2021. There’s a place for you here, so thank you for joining us and for your participation in this event. Please enjoy the conference.

Here’s to the next 15 years!