Returning candidates must review and update his/her profile, bio, and CV/resume before submitting a 2018 proposal. New submitters will need to create an OCALI Pass account and enter the requested information. Once updated, click Submit a Proposal to continue to the proposal form.

OCALI Pass Account

Create or log in to your existing OCALI Pass account. You will be asked to enter or update your mailing address and other personal details. Email is OCALI’s primary communications tool, so please enter a current and frequently checked email address.


A presenter bio must be submitted in third-person language and in paragraph form. It should include professional highlights and milestones such as education, background, publications, and prior presentations. The bio will be published online and in the OCALICON program and is subject to edits at the discretion of the review committee. Character Limits: Maximum of 600 characters (includes spaces), approximately 100 words

Sample Bio:

Wendy Szakacs is an OCALI regional consultant for northeast/eastern Ohio. She develops evidence-based materials and provides technical assistance and professional development, leading projects in social competence, bullying, behavior, communication, and executive function. Szakacs collaborates with regional partners, including State Support Teams and Educational Service Centers, in the creation and presentation of professional development to local school district staff and families. Szakacs has held positions as a consultant, adjunct instructor, and intervention specialist.

Note: Each candidate must individually submit his/her own bio. Please do not combine the bios of candidate co-presenters.

Curriculum Vita (CV)/Resume

A CV or resume of professional work – including but not limited to job titles/descriptions, education, publications, presentations, professional organizations, etc. – must be submitted as a PDF document. CVs/resumes are used by OCALI to obtain Continuing Education Units (CEUs). An abbreviated version is acceptable.

Note: Each candidate must individually submit his/her own CV/resume. Please do not combine the CV/resumes of multiple candidate co-presenters.


An overview of proposal compoments is provided below.

Session Type

Select one session type.

  • MasterMind – 1 presenter (You would present your talk along with 2-3 other presenters onsite. OCALI will select the presentation groups.)
  • Panel – must have 4 presenters
  • Facilitated Discussion – 2-3 presenters
  • Hands-on Interactive – 1-3 presenters
  • Poster – 1-2 presenters
  • Learning Lab – 1-3 presenters
  • Lecture – 1-3 presenter

Note: The OCALICON review committee seeks a balance of content and session types and will select a limited number of each session type for the final program. The session type of an accepted proposal may be changed at the discretion of the review committee.

Number of Presenters

Please indicate the total number of presenters for your session. Note: The number of co-presenters varies by session type. Co-presenters will need to add themselves to your proposal AFTER it has been submitted but BEFORE the proposal deadline of Wednesday, March 20, 2019. 

Session Title

The title is the “first impression” of your presentation and should reflect overall session content. Note: While creative session titles are welcome, candidates are strongly encouraged to make sure the session title accurately reflects the session content. Please spell out all the words in the title and do not use acronyms or abbreviations.

Character Limits: Maximum of 90 characters (includes spaces), approximately 10 words


The abstract is the summary of session content. It should include the most important information, strategies, or practices that will be covered. The abstract will be published online and in the OCALICON program and is subject to edits at the discretion of the review committee. Note: Candidates are strongly encouraged to make sure that the session abstract accurately reflects the session topic and content to be presented or facilitated.

Character Limits: Maximum of 600 characters (includes spaces), approximately 100 words


Include 3-5 session objectives that complete the following statement:

“At the end of the session, participants will be able to...”

Character Limits: Maximum of 200 characters per objective (including spaces), approximately 30 words


Select one session level.

Primary and Secondary Topic Areas

Select one primary topic area which best characterizes the session content. Select up to two additional secondary topic areas.

Population Target

Select all population targets apply. Note: Preference will be given to those proposals that actively demonstrate application across a variety of population targets.

Targeted Audiences

Select up to 5 targeted audiences for which your content is most focused or beneficial.

Targeted Ages

Select all targeted ages that apply.

Session Description

Complete each of the below areas in as much detail as possible. This information allows reviewers to better understand and evaluate the proposal. Vague or insufficient responses will receive a lower score.

Character Limits for each response: Minimum of 100 characters (includes spaces), approximately 15 words; maximum of 2,000 characters (includes spaces), approximately 250 words

1. Provide a thorough description of the topic, method, and/or content.

2. In one sentence, summarize the main point you want attendees to take from this session.

3. What specific examples will you highlight in this session?

4. Specify the research, foundational practices, or innovative strategies that support this session.

5. Describe the significance and timeliness to the field. Why is this information important at this time?

6. What have you learned as a result of implementing the ideas and concepts included in this proposal? Include results or data, if applicable.

7. Describe the intended outcome or benefit your session would provide. How might the methods, ideas, and strategies be transferable and applicable to attendees’ work?

8. Explain why the selected session type is the best fit for your content, intended interaction style, and audience.

For example, if you are submitting a facilitated discussion, share a few of the questions you will use to engage the audience. For a learning lab session, explain why each person having a device at their fingertips is beneficial. Or for a hands-on interactive session, describe the manner in which participants are involved and engaged. 

9. What specific experience or expertise qualifies you and your co-presenters to present or facilitate this session?

This is not a repeat of presenter bios, rather an explanation of why you are submitting this proposal. Take advantage of this space to share details about your collective qualifications, provide examples of how you have applied these practices, and/or why you and your co-presenters are best suited to talk about this content. For example, in a panel session, what are the unique perspectives each of the four panelists will contribute to the session?

Submission Deadline

11:59 pm EDT | Wednesday, March 20, 2019. Late proposals will not be accepted.