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  • Volunteering at #OCALICON2019 is an amazing opportunity to connect with 3,000+ people with disabilities, families, and professionals. Work one full day & receive a complimentary 2-day registration. Join me! https://conference.ocali.org/volunteer #InspiringChange #PromotingAccess

  • Be part of the community! #OCALICON2019 is accepting volunteers for the nation’s premier autism and disabilities conference. Nov. 20-22. #OCALICON2019 #InspiringChange #PromotingAccess

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OCALICON, hosted by OCALI, is the nation’s premier autism and disabilities conference where thousands of people from around the globe come together to learn, network, and share research, best practices, and resources to support the life-long needs of individuals with disabilities, including autism spectrum disorder, sensory and low-incidence disabilities. OCALI is excited to continue its ongoing partnership with the Ohio Department of Education’s Office for Exceptional Children by integrating the 2019 Inclusive Education Leadership Institute with OCALICON. From state and national leaders, to educators, service providers, policy makers, families, and self-advocates, this event has something to offer everyone. Learn more about keynote presenters, breakout sessions, and how to register at www.ocalicon.org. Follow event updates on Twitter using #OCALICON2019.

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Want a simple one-page flyer to hand out to colleagues, co-workers, parents or clients? Download and print this handy flyer, or simply share the link via email or across social media platforms.  It contains all the essentials details, including a link to the conference website. 

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