OCALICON is a big event and a big deal. 

So are you.

Presenters, exhibtors and attendees each play a vital role in creating the nation's premier autism and disabilities conference. Your expertise, knowledge, ideas, experiences, and stories are essential to the success of this humble endeavor. Thank you for helping to make it happen.

We know how important you are. Now, help us let everyone else know how important you are.

The OCALICON 2019 DIY Promotional Toolkit is a small collection of simple, no-cost, no-stress ways you can bang the gong, sound the alarm, and toot your own horn. Let your colleagues, friends, family – let the whole world know what you're doing this November.

1.   Post session details on your social media channels.

Whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram – or all of the above – consider sharing with the masses. We’ve created some sample posts and memes to help get you started – but feel free to get creative and put your own spin on things. 

2.   Add conference info to your your mail signature.

Love it, hate it – maybe a little of both? – but email is a primary communications tool for many (should we say most?) of us. Consider adding your session or booth details in your email signature. Check out some of our suggestions – or create your own. 

3.  Share info with colleagues and friends.

When you receive emails and updates from the OCALICON team, forward the information along to your colleagues and others – and include a personal note/reminder about your connection with the closing phrase, "See you there!"

Have fun with your promotions! And don’t forget to link to the conference website — and tag your posts with #OCALICON2019!