It's said that a picture is worth a thousand words. If that's true, then OCALICON 2019 was worth millions of words. The smiles. The hugs. The laughter. The conversations. The learning. 

But we'll spare you the words and let the images below tell the story of what it looks like to inspire change and promote access. Who knows, maybe you'll see your face in one of these photos next year.    


Two women and a man holding cell phone take a selfie
Two women hugging
Lines of people standing at CEU counter
Group of three women posing in front of photo booth backdrop
Man sitting at table with headphones on, speaking into a microphone
Woman with bright green Volunteer t-shirt on
Two men in suites standing on either side of a woman holding her award
Group of women standing shoulder to shoulder, linked together by strands of ribbon
Stack of t-shirts printed with the phrase Autism Love and Inclusion is Awesome
Three men in suites standing on both sides of a woman holding her award
Crowds of attendees walking underneath a series of three overhead banners
Attendees walking in and out of main entrance to exhibit hall
Groups of attendees talking inside exhibit hall
Two women browsing door prize options
Camera operator and crew filming Emily Rubin
View of exhibitor booths, looking down from above
Woman browsing stacks of children's books
Man in blue shirt explaining how to use robot standing on display table
With bracelets on display, young woman sitting at table using ipad, mother standing next to her
Woman leaning over a table to write a note, four others standing around table
Group of people lined up in rows performing choreographed dance
Large ballroom filled with attendees sitting around tables
Two women standing at podium presenting, with attendee raising hand to ask a question
Woman holding sign that says #OCALICON2019
Rows of attendees sitting in chairs, taking notes on laptops
Woman in gray blazer side-hugging woman in black shirt
Six people gathered around a table, exploring assistive technology devices
Nine people wearing masks and hats, posing in photo booth with white and black backdrop
Woman purchasing socks at exhibitor table
Woman holding up two wallets for display while two other women watch
Four women purchasing dog bones from two women in green shirts
Woman sitting at table, holding glass ornament, talking to woman standing
Group of people sitting in chairs around a table, one woman with headphones on is standing
Three women standing at counter, completing forms
Three women standing next to each other, laughing
Five sheets of flip chart paper hanging on wall, labeled with multiple post-it notes
Women waiting in registration line, standing underneath signs marked O through S and T through Z
Woman standing in front of poster display, explaining it to another woman
Group of women standing in front of poster display, discussing
Woman sitting in chair with virtual reality goggles on, man kneeling next to her to assist
Man standing at microphone playing guitar next to a woman sitting at keyboard playing
Woman smiling while holding up a walkie talkie to her ear
Two women standing on a stage with matching turquoise shirts on
Group of men and women standing shoulder to shoulder on stage, linked together by strands of red ribbon
Woman in black suit standing behind microphone and podium
Man in suite talking to woman in fur coat, smiling
Woman standing talking to man in a wheelchair
Two women standing out counter and talking
Two women and a man holding cell phone take a selfie
Group of attendees seated at chairs around table, discussing
Looking down on registration desks from up above
Two women sitting at table, smiling
Group of 5 women gathered around table, exploring assistive technology devices
Man wearing a suite, standing behind podium and speaking into microphone
Woman in striped suite speaking to another woman
Two people sitting in chairs, wearing virtual reality googles, holding handheld remotes
Woman holding Ask Me sign and pointing to it, smiling