The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 16-18 | Columbus, OH

The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 16-18

Columbus, Ohio

Upload Session Handouts

Presenter Handouts banner

Presenters are encouraged to share session handouts with conference attendees. Session handouts help attendees further their comprehension, understanding, and implementation of key concepts, ideas, and strategies.

The primary presenter is responsible for uploading session handouts.


1. Log in to your OCALI Pass.

2. In the right margin, click on the tab marked "Upload Session Handouts."

3. A list of your sessions will appear.

4. If you are the primary presenter, your name will be in bold type. Primary presenters are responsible for uploading the session documents.

5. Use the Choose File button (white box) to locate the file on your computer. 

*Please note: Only one file may be uploaded for each session and must be either a PDF or ZIP file (10 MB maximum). Files must be converted to PDF or ZIP before they can be uploaded. If you need assistance creating a PDF or ZIP file, please email Hal Hixson or Jill Hudson.

6. Once you have selected the file from your computer to upload, click the Upload Handout button (teal box).

7. When you have completed the upload process, you will see a time stamp in the status (just below the Choose File button), and the text in the teal box will change to Update Handout.

NOTE: If you upload additional documents, it will overwrite the original file - the system does not store more than one file at a time. If you have multiple documents to upload for one session, please ZIP them into a single file and then upload the ZIP file.

Upload Session Handouts deadline: Friday, October 28, 2016.

If you are a co-presenter for a session, you will be able to view the file once it has been uploaded by the primary presenter. If a file has been uploaded for the session, the status will say Download Handout in red. If you click that link, you will be able to view the file uploaded by the primary presenter.