The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 16-18 | Columbus, OH

The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 16-18

Columbus, Ohio

Presenter Registration

All presenters* (primary and co-presenters) must register at the special rate of $50.

What’s included in the presenter registration rate?

  • Full-conference registration for November 16 - 18.
  • Lecture, panel, hands-on interactive, learning lab, and facilitated discussion sessions feature a private presentation room with LCD projector, projection screen, sound system, Wi-Fi connectivity, and tech support. Learning lab sessions also feature a lab of approximately 20 networked devices.
  • Poster sessions feature a free-standing velcro panel (3’ wide x 7.5’ tall) in the Research Symposium. (Note: No electricity or Wi-Fi connectivity is included).
  • Use of the Presenter Lounge each day of the conference. The Presenter Lounge includes private work space, Wi-Fi connectivity, complimentary breakfast pastries, and all-day coffee, tea, and filtered water.
  • Use of Presenter Storage each day of the conference. Presenter Storage provides complimentary storage of presenter’s bag/briefcase, coat, and/or materials.

Note: Presenters are responsible for transportation, meals, lodging, and other costs associated with their presentation (including presentation computer, software, handouts,  additional equipment, etc.).

What happened to free registration for presenters?

OCALICON (previously known as NATTAP and OCALI Conference and Exposition) provided complimentary registration to all presenters from 2008-2014. We are eternally honored, humbled, and grateful for the hundreds of leaders, scholars, educators, service providers, parents/families, self-advocates, and many others who have presented/facilitated over the years. The knowledge, skills, and abilities of our presenters are essential to the development and offering of a world-class conference. This presenter rate helps offset the increasing demands and expenses of hosting and offering an event the size and scope of OCALICON.

 * The registration rate is waived for presenters with autism, sensory disabilities, or low-incidence disabilities.

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