The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

November 15-17 | Columbus, OH

November 15-17 | Columbus, OH

The Nation's Premier Autism and Disabilities Conference

Exhibitor Check-In Map

Exhibitor Check-in Map


OCALICON exhibitor move-in is 12:00-7:00 pm EST, Tuesday, November 14, 2017.

Exhibitors traveling by automobile may unload at Loading Dock #19 located off of Convention Center Dr. at the back of the convention center. Note there is a ramp available at Loading Dock 19.

A full map of the convention center can be found here: ]

1) When you first arrive, identify yourself to the entrance security guard as an exhibitor for OCALICON in Exhibit Hall C. The security guard will direct you to Loading Dock #19.

2) Parking in the loading dock area is temporary (approximately 30 minutes). You will need to move your vehicle to an adjacent parking lot after you have finished unloading your materials. We recommend either the Goodale or Vine St. garages.

3) As you enter the back dock of the convention center, follow the signs to Exhibitor Check-In counter in Exhibit Hall C. 

4) You may also enter Exhibit Hall C through the main concourse inside the convention center. Follow the signs to the Exhibitor Check-In counter.