November 18-20, 2015 · Columbus, OH

Dani Bowman

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Keynote – Dani Bowman

Believe It: The Dani Bowman Story

Dani Bowman is an 19-year-old college student from Sherman Oaks, CA. An animator and illustrator, she founded her own animation company, PLA Studios, at age 11. At 14, she founded her own production company. As an individual on the autism spectrum, Bowman decided to share her passions and interests with other children on the spectrum by traveling the nation and teaching animation workshops. Learn about her experiences as a student, a young entrepreneur, and a mentor. Dani's continued goal is to help change the world's perception of autism.


Founder, Powerlight Animation Studio

Dani Bowman is an 19-year-old college student and filmmaker specializing in animation, illustration, and creating fun entertainment for children of all ages. She founded Powerlight Animation Studios at age 11, and has been working professionally since age 14, partnering with Joey Travolta, and teaching animation to others with autism at his annual summer camp program. Bowman aspires to be the Temple Grandin of her generation, working to change the world's perception of autism and demonstrate all of the special abilities of individuals with autism. Her short films have been screened at major film festivals across the nation and include Mr. Raindrop, The Namazu, and Hannah Lost Her Smile.

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